Holy Palaeography!

3 thoughts on “Holy Palaeography!”

  1. Your post reminds me of my own required paleography class in grad school (a long time ago). We prepared with bw xerox copies, but still when your turn came in class it all turned to chicken scratchings. If, however, you got particularly stuck, our professor would say “just gestalt it.” Unfortunately that never worked. Finally, the last day of class, we were invited to bring manuscript images for our professor to decipher on the fly. My chosen page was in Old English, not one of his many regular languages to read. He got stuck. I said…. And I still passed and got my Ph.D.!
    Fast forward to now, deciphering bilingual (glossed) manuscripts: get a calligraphy pen and start writing. It really does help to develop the eye and the slow process helps me see things I wouldn’t otherwise.

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  2. With failing eyesight and a life time in front of a computer screen reading legal jargon, I think I have a little understanding of the complexity and how written history can be misunderstood. I take from this that it is not always the winner who writes the history but the interpretor centuries later!


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