Attack of the 600+-page books!

8 thoughts on “Attack of the 600+-page books!”

  1. Wow, 600+ pages. I read a lot of technical material (I’m into data center work) so I can relate to those numbers. While I learned how to read and comprehend quickly, i still get lost at times and have to put the book down and walk away for a day or so. How do you cope with reading-burn-out?

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    1. That’s a good question, and I’m not sure I have a good answer for it. What’s motivating me right now is “abject fear” associated with looming comprehensive exams. However, I can say that taking a number of “mini breaks” when you read milestones (page 100, 150, etc.) has been an effective strategy for me. I usually get up, move around, try to do something useful, and return to the reading within about 20 minutes. It makes the reading feel more like it comes in digestible chunks than in one massive feast. I’ve also learned more about skimming techniques since I’ve started reading these books, and setting feasible goals per day. Not a perfect system, to be sure, but, I think it does help one cope.


  2. Clifford’s tower? There was a 1950’s ice cream van at the bottom of it when we visited last summer, not quite so ancient but a welcome oasis for families and hard-pressed students. I decided an MA at 60 was enough for the time being, and my Latin is too rusty to be trusty. Besides, I need to learn Polish to speak with the in-laws-to-be.

    We have a few mediaeval buildings too, with a hint of Roman here and there, waiting for Augustine to wake them up and Thomas to popularise the place.

    I leave PhD work to my daughter; seeing her efforts, I can sympathise with you. I hope you enjoy some of it all.

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