Back to the Classroom once again. . . 

Spring break comes to a close, and, of course, I didn’t get half as much done as I wanted to.  I suppose that makes this vacation week about on-part with every other since I started this program.  Comforting?  Maybe a little.  Disappointing?  Absolutely.

One of the things that inevitably has to happen at the end of every vacation is a “time readjustment.”  If I had my way, I would likely work from about 12:30 in the afternoon to about 11 p.m., and get to bed between 1 and 2 in the morning.  I find myself drifting into this pattern whenever I have more than three days off at a time, and, if I don’t make an attempt to roll that back to a more “normal” schedule before a new work-week starts, I won’t make it through a full day wihtout at least 3 trips to the on-campus coffee place.

Above is Oscar and Anne–Oscar immediately offended Anne as soon as he met her, greeting her by putting his face up to her butt and taking a long sniff.  Anne has never forgotten this offense, clearly.


One thought on “Back to the Classroom once again. . . 

  1. You’ll make it! Always good to have little distractions like these to help you along, too. I think you might get along with my friend Sledpress at Sixteen Tons – she recently did a post about cat-butts, too!


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