Day One Verdict: Meh

So, I set an ambitious goal–get through one section of one bibliography focusing on the Reformation by the middle of next week.  This means reading through more than one book a day.  And, unfortunately, that didn’t happen today.  

Today turned out to be busier than I thought.  I had an unexpected project to take care of.


Every morning, I usually wake up with a lot of cat company.  This morning was no exception–I awoke uncomfortably wedged between two of my biggest cats while another one was nudging the corner of my pillow with his head to try and expedite my morning rise.  I acknolwedged every one I could reach with a pat on the head.  Then, I smelled it, and it smelled like. . . cat pee.

I vaguely recalled a moment in the early morning hours that I distinctly thought I heard scratching on the wall behind the bed.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but that was a likely indication of the done deed.  I immediately got up and inspected the other side of the bed–indeed, the other pillow was damp, as was the side of the bed against the wall.  I had to strip the bed, treat the linens, and flip the mattress to treat and then clean it.  I figured since I had the whole thing apart, I might has well clean under the bed, too, which is a favorite cat hiding place (and certainly looked it when I moved the box spring).  This was a multi-step, all day process.  I finally put the sheets on the bed a few hours ago.

The culprit was Anne.  Anne, pictured above, was born a feral cat, and she has always experienced some territorial insecurity.  I tend to leave “decoy blankets/towels” around the house for her to pee on at times, and those usually do the job.  However, I recently forgot to replace her blanket in the living room, and that is possibly why she “took matters into her own hands” this morning.

Thus, I only read one book today.  I probably should focus on the positives there because that is progress, even if it isn’t what I wanted.  I also worked on a series of comprehensive notes as I went along–a good strategy, I found, but I have to try and minimize them a bit.  I did try to cover each chapter in no more than 15 minutes and in no more than one paragraph/set of bullet points, focusing on main ideas (which is what I was told to work on).  Hopefully, tomorrow will be far less eventful, and I may be able to make up the deficit.  We’ll see.



2 thoughts on “Day One Verdict: Meh

  1. I feel your pain. Spent 3 hours cleaning the bedroom after Missey (she’s 17 now) had an upset stomach. Needless to say the floor was shampooed, the futon cleaned and aired out and the bedding run through the washer.

    How do you manage to read those books at the rate you need to meet? I can do a 350 page novel/biography/current events book on about 12 reading hours which is about 4 days.

    Good luck with your studies!

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    • Oh, poor kitty–I hope your cat is feeling better! Studying for exams is more about reading books to understand arguments and the relationships between them rather than cover to cover reading. It still can be tough!

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