Continuing Travels

Traveling to northern England is truly a highlight every summer.  This time, we really made an effot to travel to new places in the region, and the results were both very successful and very promising.   One of the best things about England is the public transportation system.  I know that there is lots to … Continue reading Continuing Travels


Continuing England Adventures

 A vacation in York is never complete without visits to the many fascinating local sites.   On the site of the remains of St. Mary's Abbey are some fantastic gardens and an excellent museum focusing on the city's history.  This time, a local bird sanctuary set up to do demonstrations and to seek donations on … Continue reading Continuing England Adventures


  One of my favorite places to visit is the city of York in northern England.  About a decade ago, I attended the University of York, working on a Master's degree in Medieval History.  I had never traveled to England before, and, over the course of the year, York became my second home.  I had … Continue reading York

The Verdict

And, the verdict is:    All books read -2.5 (I did read half of one book in the "incomplete" pile). Whew. This was not without challenges.  In fact, I think that this whole process was one big learning curve.  To even come close to finishing this list, I had to read at least 2 books … Continue reading The Verdict