Continuing England Adventures

 A vacation in York is never complete without visits to the many fascinating local sites.  

On the site of the remains of St. Mary’s Abbey are some fantastic gardens and an excellent museum focusing on the city’s history.  This time, a local bird sanctuary set up to do demonstrations and to seek donations on site.  Stephen got the chance to make a new friend as a result.

We also visited the Minster, which is amazing both inside and out.  There’s a really great exhibit on its history in the undercroft.  Immediately following, Stephen found a local pasty shop and proceeded to purchase enough of their product to keep us satisfied for a week (or more).

Although it has only survived as a shell, Clifford’s Tower is absolutely worth the visit both for the history and for the views.

When I studied at York, one of the things that struck me was the seasonal daylight pattern..  Of course, it should have dawned on me that being at a significantly higher latitutde would mean dark winters and summers of unending light.  Although I will never forget the late sunrises and early sunsets beginning in the late fall, I most vividly remember the surprise that came with the first hint of a sunrise over the horizon around 2:45 in the morning in June and July.  The late sunlight produces some remarkable effects on York’s many landmarks, and I’ve enjoyed photographing them for many years now.


Yesterday, we had the opportunity to travel out to Scarborough to visit, Gemma, a friend of mine from grad school.  Gemma is a wealth of information aabout many things, none the least of which is her home town.  We had a great time visiting Scarborough Castle.


Of course, being in England always requires some compromises.  Although both milk and cream are available here, the characteristicly American combination of  Half n Half is not on offer, but, with some creativity, one can still capture the magic.



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