Battle for the Desk Chair

10 thoughts on “Battle for the Desk Chair”

  1. It seems to me that the cats only want to sit in the chairs when I am around. When I am away, when I return they are leaving the chairs empty, and can be found in other places–most popular being windowsills or beds. More chairs is not a solution. I have many chairs which go ignored until I begin sitting on them. My use of a chair increases the desirability of the chair to the cats.

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    1. That’s hilarious! We have tried to attract the cats’ attention to boxes that we leave around the office (they love boxes), but they are, apparently, not attractive enough. Desk chair is always a preferable alternative.

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      1. Our feline overlords are too smart and contrary for us. If we want them to go in boxes or to use particular chairs they will find a way not to do so that inconveniences us more than just letting them have their way in the first place would have done.


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