Naptime: One of My Favorites

Facebook recently incorporated an “On This Day” function through which users can see the posts they made on a particular date in prior years.  When I look at these posts, they remind me of just how far I’ve come over the passing years, where I’ve lived, what I was interested in, and where I was working in the past.  

Today, Facebook shared this picture from 3 years ago with me.  Although I posted it in October, the picture itself, courtesy of Stephen, is actually from the previous March.  Every March, the historical society where I used to work hosted AP US History students from all over the state at a three-day conference.  I had to make all the arrangements for this event, and putting it together was really exhausting at times.  This photo is from one of the conference days post-conference.  I’ll never forget how tired I was.  I fell asleep, and 2 hours later, I woke up, suddenly realizing I could not move because I was surrounded by cats.



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