One Female Scholar and Inevitable Sexism

4 thoughts on “One Female Scholar and Inevitable Sexism”

  1. I have some understanding of how you may feel, singled out for a package that does not appy to your particular life situation. Due to my age (65) I am the receipent of a large number of mailings for senior care, retirement living, funeral arrangements and other assorted “necessities” that people my age should be interested in. It seems that decisions about such mailings are now left to automated decisiosn based on what someone (or something) believes that people in certain age groups and genders really needs, regardless of out actual situations.

    Oh, one of my cats, Miss Precious, receives one of those cooking magazine for some strange reason.

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    1. I completely understand how you feel about that–making assumptions like that is a problem many people representing many different demographics experience. I certainly share your frustration! And, if your cat is a top-of-the-line, cook, do share some of her recipes!


  2. Wow, I do NOT miss America! How obnoxious. The ‘moms’ thing is particularly annoying. Clearly they don’t care to catch up to the modern age.
    We are also kid-free but only get hassled about it in person, because it’s a catholic country and all that. I’m selfish, somehow, for not having kids until my uterus and teeth fall out…sorry, that’s MY rant 🙂
    I wonder would donating the box to a charity might be a idea?

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