Back in January, when the exams were looming large and the pressure was really starting to come to bear, Stephen and I decided to take a trip during Spring Break.  I’m usually not much of a fan of traveling at this time of year, in fact.  The spring semester, unlike the fall, is not punctuated … Continue reading Paris


Finally. . . *finally!!* my exams are over. Here, comprehensive exams incorporate two steps, a written section and an oral section.  The written section involves three four-hour test sessions, one for each of three historical fields, and the oral section is one two-hour session that must take place after the written section has been completed … Continue reading PASSED

Written Exams, Done

   I call this photo “the struggle is real.” I think the reality set in after Stephen and I came back to Miami after we visited our families for Christmas.  I still had several books to go through, I had to send a final revision of the Prospectus for my dissertation to my advisor, and … Continue reading Written Exams, Done


This evening, I was taking notes on one of the books on my comprehensive exam list, and I thought to myself: “You know, it would be great just to get away.  I could go to York for a few days, maybe.  Or, California.  Or anywhere but here right now.” And then, came the sobering reality. … Continue reading Countdown