This evening, I was taking notes on one of the books on my comprehensive exam list, and I thought to myself: "You know, it would be great just to get away.  I could go to York for a few days, maybe.  Or, California.  Or anywhere but here right now." And then, came the sobering reality. … Continue reading Countdown


Naptime: One of My Favorites

Facebook recently incorporated an "On This Day" function through which users can see the posts they made on a particular date in prior years.  When I look at these posts, they remind me of just how far I've come over the passing years, where I've lived, what I was interested in, and where I was … Continue reading Naptime: One of My Favorites

When Your Number Comes Up: Miami, Land of Car Distress

There are a lot of firsts that are inevitable living in a new environment.  And, today, one typical "Miami" first that I have been dreading finally came to pass--my first highway car accident. Miami is not the greatest place to live if you have to drive anywhere.  Given the nearly non-existent public transportation system here, … Continue reading When Your Number Comes Up: Miami, Land of Car Distress